Getting married is a big decision that should be taken only after much thought and consideration. Regardless of age, going from living on your own to living with a life partner is a big change. For most people, navigating the journey through life as a married couple is a constant work in progress. The journey is never easy, but when two people are able to compromise and mature as a unit, then a lifelong companionship can be formed. While it is easy to talk about compromise and maturity, it is not always easy to put into practice. Sometimes marriage simply doesn’t work out and leads to divorce. Can divorce be a good thing? While many people attach negative connotations to divorce, it can actually be a healthier way to live for both parties in some situations.

Can Divorce Be A Good Thing?

What Causes Marriages to Fail?

There are a number of reasons that marriages can fall apart. Perhaps a couple got married for the wrong reasons or before really getting to know the other person. Marriages can fail due to infidelity, problems with finances, or simply because both parties have grown apart. Other circumstances such as illness, depression, addiction and stress outside of the relationship can cause a married pair to call it quits. An infinite number of things can make the journey through life as a married couple prove to be too difficult.  When the marriage has reached an end, sometimes it is better to focus on the benefits of being apart instead of considering why it didn’t work out in the first place.

The Mental Benefits of Divorce

Staying in a toxic relationship can have a negative effect on your mental health. Poor mental heal can lead to depression, chronic depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, or even lead to self-harm. Every marriage will have its ups and downs. While most couples will be able to work through the hard times, in some cases there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Extended periods of stress, marital strife, resentment, and arguments can lead to a bevy of mental health issues that may take years to treat.

Choosing to leave a toxic or unhealthy marriage will often offer mental peace. This can outweigh the advantages of staying in the relationship, even if it has financial benefits. It is sometimes better to walk away from a relationship that constantly brings you down then to continue to try to repair the broken relationship. No one should feel afraid or in constant anxiety over their partner or their relationship. If you are in a relationship that disturbs your mental peace and threatens your mental health, divorce is sometimes a much healthier option.  For many couples that have tried counseling and not seen improvement, the next step may be divorce.

The Financial Benefits of Divorce

Being married offers many couples financial security and even a generous number of tax breaks if you have children together. Despite 2020 being a tough year for many people all over the world, being married can be harder on the wallet for some couples. If one or both partners are poor financial planners or simply have a lot of debt, tying up your funds jointly can be a big mistake. Couples with trust issues may be constantly worrying about the other party’s spending and saving habits.  Many couples find themselves constantly arguing over expenses and purchases. For single-income households or households that have one partner who earns drastically more than the other, they may have the additional stress when the couple doesn’t agree on finances.

Divorce can help get your bills under control and put you back in charge of your future. If you are bogged down with spousal debt, superfluous spending by your partner, or other obligations, a divorce can put a stop to any expenses that you are not responsible for.

The Emotional Benefits of Divorce

One of the best parts of getting a divorce is finally being able to let go of negative emotions. Marriage is most often built on strong feelings of love which have often turned rather sour for the union to end in divorce. As expected, anger, hurt, and sometimes rage, and other toxic feelings may build up over the days leading to separation. A divorce won’t cause these strong feelings to magically disappear, but it will allow you to finally find closure. Once you have closure in the form of a divorce, you can move on and start to heal emotionally. While marriage is generally something to be cherished, sometimes it is healthier and better to end it.

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