Orders to pay child support or alimony are court orders.  Final court orders are judgment and usually accrue interest if not paid when due.  In Nebraska, both child support and alimony will accrue interest if not paid the month due.

The Nebraska Supreme Court posts the judgment interest rate on the State of Nebraska Judicial Branch website.  This interest rate changes frequently.  Does the interest rate on delinquent support obligations change as the interest rate changes?  The answer is no.  The interest rate entered at the time your order was entered stays in place unless and until the order itself is changed.

Child Support Judgment Interest Rate

For most people, the interest rate is of little concern as long as the support is paid on time.  For those who have fallen on hard times, the interest rate can make a big difference if you fall behind on your support obligation.  There is a big difference in the amount owed when your interest rate is over 7% from a 2007 child support order compared to the interest rate of just about 2% for orders entered in 2020.  Sometimes even a small modification of the child support order itself can make a big difference if the judgment interest rate decreases.

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