Going through a divorce is never easy. Even in cases where both spouses agree that a divorce is a good solution for, it can still be difficult. There are high emotions involved during a divorce proceeding no matter what the terms of the settlement may be. Even if both parties are simply ready to move on and start dating other people, there can be some difficulties that lie ahead.

Can I Date While Going Through a Divorce?

Emotional Messes

If you want to start dating while you are getting a divorce, it is really your choice. However, it is a good idea to consider all of the consequences that you may face if you decide to date someone else while you are still technically married. Emotions are often high during a divorce, which means that decisions that are made during this time are often not the best. If you are thinking about dating someone while going through a divorce, you really should think about how you want the settlement and entire divorce process to go. Dating might not hurt you legally, but it can create a divorce that takes a lot longer and is much messier than it needed to be. In addition, if the divorce takes longer, this may mean that the divorce might cost you more.

Be Cautious

You might think that you are ready to start dating right away. However, you may want to hold off until your divorce papers are officially signed. One of the reasons is to simply protect your own well-being. You may think that you have found someone better right away. Chances are you are going to end up getting hurt sooner rather than later. In addition, when processing a divorce you are going to go through a lot of emotions. Your time and attention will be drawn away a lot of the time, which means that you might struggle to give anything to your new relationship at this time. Waiting is often the much smarter way to go.

Consider your Settlement

If you plan to start dating before your divorce is final, your current spouse may be resentful and less willing to try to reach a fair settlement. Further, if there are children involved, the children may need time to process the divorce and it may be too early for them to have a new person brought into their lives. They may tell their parent they are okay with meeting a new person when really the children may not know how to feel when their parents are divorcing.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

You may not care what your ex thinks about you dating, but making the decision to see someone else could really put a damper on your divorce plans. Dating someone could anger or hurt your spouse, which may cause them to fight against your financial settlement. Similarly they may fight harder for or against custody if they don’t want this new person brought into the children’s lives. This could make the entire process last much longer than it might have if you chose not to start dating someone else.

When it all boils down, dating while you are getting a divorce is typically not recommended. Of course, it is your choice in the end. However, the negative impact of dating during a divorce will often outweigh any possible good that might come from a new relationship.

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