Whether you and your spouse have decided to divorce or you’re in need of assistance with a custody action, working with a family attorney in Omaha that specializes in family law is in your best interest. Why? Because legal matters that pertain to family affairs aren’t just complex; they’re also extremely emotional. A family law attorney can help you and your loved ones successfully navigate through the trials and tribulations so the final outcome will be beneficial to you and any children involved.

Tips On Hiring The Best Family Law Attorney in Omaha

While working with a family lawyer is definitely in your best interest, you don’t want to work with just any attorney; you want to work with someone who specializes in your specific legal matter and who has a reputation for success. As with any other profession, not all lawyers are created equal. So, how do you find a reputable family attorney? Here are some helpful tips to consider.

Ask for Referrals

Do you know anyone who has worked with a family lawyer; perhaps a family member who has recently gone through a divorce or a trusted friend who has settled a custody action? If so, ask if they’d refer you to the lawyer they used. Word-of-mouth referrals are the preferred – and usually, the most effective – way to find reputable professionals; including family attorneys. The people you know and trust will offer their honest opinions and the real experiences they had so that you can determine if the attorney is the right person for your needs.

Arrange Consultations

Once you have the name of a family lawyer (or two or three), schedule a consultation with the prospective attorney. Many family lawyers offer a free consultation, especially if you have been referred by their former client.  Be wary of some attorneys that charge for an initial consultation for divorce or custody matters.  They may have difficulties in converting those who attend their consultations to clients and thus make their money from charging for consultations, not legal work.  During the consultation, make sure that you ask pertinent questions; examples could include:

  • How long have you been practicing family law?
  • Are there specific areas that you specialize in (divorce, custody, etc.)? If so, do you specialize in the area where I need assistance?
  • What is your experience with the judge assigned to my case?
  • Your experience had cases against the other party’s attorney?
  • What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of my case?
  • How do you communicate with your clients?
  • How much of the work and communication on my case will be done by office staff and not the attorney?

These are just a handful of questions that you should ask. Keep in mind that the best attorney for your case is the attorney that fits you and your case.  The most aggressive trial attorney may not be the best attorney for your case if you don’t feel they communicate well with you or your goal is to resolve things relatively peacefully without a full trial.  On the other hand, the most affable attorney may not be right for you if the majority of the work and communication are handled through the attorney’s staff.  Further, be wary if the attorney just tells you to want to hear.  The consultation should include the strengths and weaknesses of your case and an overview of the procedure of the court action.


Divorce, custody, child support, modifications; when it comes to legal matters involving the family and children, working with a reputable family lawyer is crucial. To ensure your success, use the consultation so that you can find someone you are confident in and comfortable working with.

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