What Can a Child Custody Lawyer in Omaha Do?

An Omaha lawyer experienced in child custody cases can help you get the custody arrangement that’s in the best interest of your child. If you’re going through a divorce and you have children, you and your spouse will need to work out a parenting plan that sets out custody and the frequency of visitation. If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement, then your Omaha child support and child support attorney can petition the court on your behalf for custody.

Although not a requirement for child custody, consulting with a well-qualified and knowledgeable child custody lawyer in Omaha is recommended in order to ensure that your parental rights are respected and custody disputes handled properly.

Why Hire Child Custody Divorce Lawyers in Omaha?

If you are getting divorced and have children, part of the divorce agreement will involve determining where and with whom the children will live. A child custody lawyer in Omaha can help you negotiate custody, either by agreement or in court. The legal custodial parent has the legal right to make decisions regarding the child’s health and education. The physical custody parent is the parent who the child primarily lives with.  Some parents opt for joint custody, which means the children divide their time about equally between both parents’ homes, and the parents share the right to make decisions on behalf of the children. If you as parents are unable to agree on child custody, a judge will decide for you.

Here are some of the ways hiring an experienced Omaha child custody divorce lawyers will help you when fighting a battle for your child in court.

Reduced Stress

The time during and after a divorce is usually stressful for both parents. In such a situation, the services of a family law attorney will prove invaluable. A professional child custody lawyer can greatly reduce the stress involved in fighting a case in court for custody of your child.

You will receive expert legal guidance that can make navigating through the legal complexities much easier. The family lawyer will take care of the legal formalities involved in a child custody case, which will allow you to carry on with your new life with much less tension or stress.

Speedy Resolution of the Case

Someone who is not skilled at dealing with the legal complexities involved in a child custody case will encounter many issues that will result in a delay of the case. Hiring a professional legal attorney will ensure a speedy resolution of the child custody case by minimizing issues related to lengthy paperwork.

Your attorney can help you fulfill all the legal formalities required by the court. Hiring an attorney will save the time and stress involved in preparing the required documents, ensuring that there is no unnecessary delay in the final decision regarding the custody of your child.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Mistakes happen when people try to fulfill the legal requirements relating to the child custody and visitation cases. A competent family law attorney in Omaha will make sure that your case is managed properly and avoid mistakes that would have a negative bearing on your child’s well-being and the child custody agreement.

Why Hire Child Custody Divorce Lawyers Omaha?

In many cases, speaking with qualified divorce lawyer Omaha about your legal options and how the divorce process works can reduce some of the anxiety that comes with a divorce. An Omaha divorce lawyer can also advise you on how best to protect your rights and interests, especially if you and your spouse don’t agree about how to resolve your divorce settlement.

Reasons why hiring divorce attorney in Omaha is important?

Divorce is a process that, at the end of the day, dissolves a legal partnership between two people. The kind of legal representation you need when faced with a divorce depends on the complexity of that partnership. The more complex your divorce, the greater your need will be for legal representation to protect your rights and interests. Considerations when evaluating how complex your divorce case will be:

  • Assets and Property. The more property you and your spouse own, the more complex it will be to value and divide those assets. This can include savings, real estate, investments, retirement, business interests, and so on.
  • Children. If you and your spouse have minor children together, you will need to resolve child custody issues in your divorce either through mediation, negotiations or trial.
  • Support. The necessity of financial support of a spouse (alimony) or minor children (child support) can dramatically increase the complexity of your divorce.

Is It Ever Safe To Divorce Without Hiring An Omaha Family Lawyer?

If your marriage lasted a very short time (a year or two) and you and your spouse have no children, are not pregnant, have minimal assets (less than $15,000), no major debt (less than $5,000), and agree on all the terms of the divorce, the risks of divorcing without legal representation are much lower, though still present.

In most cases, however, divorces are not that simple. Consulting with a divorce lawyer can provide a wealth of information you may not have known. Representation from a divorce lawyer in Omaha can ensure that the divorce settlement you receive will protect you now and well into the future, especially if your case involves children.

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