Rarely is divorce a painless process.  That being said, many divorces are completed relatively amicably and relatively peacefully.  Here are the top three tips for a peaceful Omaha divorce.

Peaceful Omaha Divorce

Be honest and diligent

Be truthful about assets and debts.  Diligently provide paperwork to show what the assets and debts are.  Don’t hide paperwork or income.  The sooner the financial paperwork has been gathered, the sooner parties can start to make educated decisions on how to split the financials pursuant to Nebraska law. Establish an attorney client relationship.

Try mediation

Under the Nebraska Parenting Act, parties with children are required to attempt mediation of the parenting time issues.  Parents that can work out custody and a parenting schedule in mediation save, not only in attorney fees, but also in the stress that may come with the unknown of what a judge will order at trial.

Hire an Omaha attorney that works well with other attorneys and encourage your spouse to do the same

An Omaha Law firm that responds with legal advice and logic when you are emotional can help diffuse tension and lead to a more peaceful divorce.  An attorney or family law firm in Omaha that is diligent and honest in communications with you and the other party can help lessen the tension.  If you attorney isn’t timely responding and completing work, the attorney may be creating unnecessary tension and attorney fees.  If you know your attorney isn’t being honest with you or the other attorney, the attorney may create additional hostilities and it may be time to find someone new to represent you.  In short, hire an attorney that is also honest and diligent to have the best chance of having a peaceful divorce.

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Shouldn’t you hire an Omaha attorney you can count on? Because trial is not always the best option, our clients also count on us to fight for them at all the pretrial stages of their case. We work to resolve issues outside of the courtroom when possible to keep costs low and tensions to a minimum.

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