Are you facing criminal charges? Then the chances are that you require legal representation. Call a lawyer the moment you are contacted by law enforcement to reduce the possibility of indictment and conviction. Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor charge can have severe consequences that follow you around for the rest of your life. Here are five situations where you may need a criminal defense lawyer in Omaha to handle your case.

Signs You May Need a Criminal Lawyer Omaha

First-Time Offenses

Most people are under the assumption that the judicial system smiles favorably on first-time offenders and that you’re likely to get off with a fine or probation. This assumption can land you in plenty of trouble, as records show that the courts sometimes impose harsh penalties on first-time offenders.

If this is your first offense, the chances are that you’re worried about the potential penalties involved with a conviction – and you should be concerned indeed. Convicted felons find it difficult to secure loans, sign a lease agreement, and even gain admittance to a university.

Unintentional Actions

We all know that accidents happen. However, arresting officers may not view it as such, and brand your conduct as malicious – even when you had no ill intent. In such a case, the courts will work off the arresting officer’s report and you may face harsher penalties because the judge feels the police have more credibility than your statement.

You need a criminal defense lawyer to explain your case and mitigate any misinterpretations of events leading up to your arrest and subsequent felony or misdemeanor charges. You can be sure that the prosecution will do all they can to convict you, and if not adequately prepared, you could face hefty jail time that you don’t deserve.

Do You Understand the Legal System?

Many people feel they don’t need legal representation in their case. However, they’re wrong. No matter how much you research on Google, or what information you come across, nothing can prepare you for trial in the same manner as an experienced attorney.

A skilled criminal lawyer understands the legal system, and its loopholes.  They’ve spent years developing relationships in the judicial system. Therefore, they have the expertise you need to avoid prosecution or minimize your sentence. Even a trained doctor would be foolish to operate on herself.

Emotional Interference

Individuals charged with a felony face severe fines and a lengthy prison term. The possibility of this kind of punishment happening to you clouds your judgment with emotions. Trying to remain objective when you’re facing these types of penalties may be too much for you to bear. An experienced attorney takes care of everything for you and allows you to leave your fate in the hands of someone that is experienced and qualified to represent you in court.

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