When the Court enters an order of physical custody, the Court will also enter an order setting the time each parent has with the child: parenting time schedules.  Some common types of parenting time schedules entered in Nebraska are below.

Most Common Parenting Schedules | 2 2 3 | Week on/Week off

If sole physical custody ordered:

“Wilson” Parenting Time Schedule

When the court awards one parent sole physical custody, the court frequently orders what is referred to as “Wilson” parenting time from the famous case of Wilson v. Wilson, 224 Neb. 589, 399 N.W.2d 802 (1987) as the non-custodial parent’s regular parenting time.   When the Court orders “Wilson” parenting time the court is granting the non-custodial parent parenting time every other weekend. It is common for the Court to also grant the non-custodial parent an additional evening or overnight per week.

If joint physical custody ordered:

When joint physical custody is ordered, two of the most common schedules are the:

  • “Week on/Week off” schedule
  • 2 2 3 schedule / custody
Week on/week off Custody Schedule:

A common schedule for an older child includes the “week on/week off” schedule where the child remains seven days with one parent and then spends the next seven days with the other parent with the exchange occurring at the same day and time each week.

2 2 3 schedule / 2 2 3 Custody

For a younger child, the week on/week off schedule is less common and the regular parenting time schedule more often includes multiple exchanges each week.  For example, the child spending every Monday and Tuesday with one parent, every Wednesday and Thursday with the other parent, and the parents alternating the long weekend from Friday through Sunday each week (known as a 2/2/3 schedule).

Holiday Schedules

When the parents are unable to mediate the holiday parenting time schedule, the Court often uses the holiday parenting time schedule set forth in Wilson, 399 N.W.2d 802, 224 Neb. 589, which specifically designates the days and times of each parent’s holiday parenting time.

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