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Omaha DUI Attorney

If you have been charged with Driving under the Influence (DUI) or Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), you need to speak with a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible. A skilled attorney can help protect your driving privileges and ensure that your case is thoroughly reviewed to provide you with the best DUI defense possible. The Law Office of Julie Fowler, PC, LLO provides knowledgeable, aggressive, and informed advice for your DUI/OWI defense. As an experienced DUI/OWI defense lawyer, I can:

  • Protect your driving privileges
  • Minimize the impact a DUI/OWI has on your life
  • Inform you of your options

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Criminal Defense Attorneys Omaha

Because a trial is not always the best option, my clients also count on me to fight for them at all the pretrial stages of a case. Whatever the charge, if I accept the responsibility of representing an accused person, my client can count on me to do everything possible to get results. Count on me, the best criminal defense attorney in Omaha to explore:

  • Trial options
  • Plea options
  • Alternatives to jail or prison

Often my skills and experience, coupled with my persistence and commitment to my clients, mean that I am successful in getting my clients lesser charges and non-jail sentences.

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Divorce Lawyers in Omaha,  NE

I have many years of experience as a divorce attorney in Omaha as well as in child custody, and child support cases. Whether you are facing a divorce case, paternity, child custody, or child support action, I have the experience, skills, and compassion to win even the most difficult cases.

I offer affordable and client-focused representation at all stages up to and including trial. The Law Office of Julie Fowler, PC, LLO, aggressively defends your rights at hearings and trials. We pride ourselves on our attorney-client relationship.

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Nominated one of “10 Best” Attorneys for Nebraska by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys in 2015 and Winner of Michael W. Amdor Memorial Excellence in Legal Research Award: Julie Fowler

Julie Fowler has handled hundreds of cases before the court at hearings and trials. She is a zealous advocate for her clients and ready to fight. She has successfully argued before the Nebraska Supreme Court. Additionally, she previous worked directly with the Douglas County District Court judges as their research attorney so she has first-handed experience of what judges want to see.

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Law Office of Julie Fowler, PC, LLO has built a successful practice through a solid commitment to our clients. Our criminal practice is built upon an aggressive representation of individuals accused of DUI, OWI, and Misdemeanor Offenses. Our family law practice in Omaha, NE is built upon zealous advocacy to protect our clients and their children.

Law Office of Julie Fowler, PC, LLO offers affordable legal services to serve clients in Omaha, Fremont, Lincoln, and all other areas throughout the eastern part of Nebraska. Other cities include Papillion, Fremont, Blair, Bellevue, La Vista, West Point, Ralston, and Elkhorn areas.

Client Success Stories

Mr. W – Paternity

After very short relationship between father and mother of child, mother of child becomes pregnant.  Mother has history of involvement with CPS with her older children.  Client seeks custody of child upon birth.  Ms. Fowler assists client with filing paternity and custody action as soon as child is born.  At the temporary hearing, client granted joint custody of child with actual parenting time with client stepped up as child gets older (over a period of months).  Ms. Fowler took to trial for final order and client awarded sole legal and physical custody of child.

Mr. M – Divorce

Client with alcohol issues does not wish to divorce but spouse has filed for divorce.  Parties have multiple children.  By client’s efforts for alcohol treatment and Ms. Fowler’s use of civil procedure to delay divorce, client obtains assistance with alcohol issues and the parties reconcile.  Within a couple of years, client returns to Ms. Fowler as both parties ready to divorce.  Ms. Fowler assists parties in negotiating an amicable and respectful settlement, including assisting with the division of assets from the sale of the family’s small business.

Mr. P – Paternity

Client was biological father who sought custody of pre-teen child.  Mother’s boyfriend had signed birth certificate to fraudulently acknowledge paternity at time of child’s birth and was legally established father.  Upon mother’s incarceration, biological father sought custody of child.  Ms. Fowler assisted client with obtaining order of paternity and custody of child.

Ms. L – Disputed Property between unmarried couple

After end of relationship, ex-boyfriend files action for repayment of notarized and acknowledged loans that client had repaid during the relationship.  Ms. Fowler subpoenaed records and assisted with obtaining other proofs to show loan had been repaid during relationship.  Case against client dismissed.

Mr. H – Divorce

Stay-at-home mother requesting sole physical custody of children.  Client was parent working full-time and requesting joint physical custody and a reasonable child support order.  Ms. Fowler negotiates settlement.  Client granted joint legal and physical custody of children and a downward deviation to child support (reduced amount of child support ordered).  Client not ordered to pay alimony.

Ms. B – Divorce

Long-time marriage. Parties wish to divorce amicably.  Ms. Fowler assists with asset division.  Parties reach a stipulated order on all issues after scheduling conference with judge where court provided guidance on unresolved issues in chambers with both attorneys present.

Mr. B – Divorce

Divorce with multiple children.  Parties wish to divorce amicably and share legal and physical custody.  Ms. Fowler assists with drafting parenting plan and parties promptly reach a stipulated order on all issues without ever appearing in court.

Ms. A – Divorce Modification (Parenting Time and Child Support) and Contempt Action

After multiple attempts at good faith negotiations, unable to resolve the matter without a trial.  Ms. Fowler took to trial on modification and contempt action.  Court grants client’s requests (which were reasonable) and enters show cause order against other party that includes suspended sentence for jail time if failure to pay.  Court also orders the opposing party to pay attorney fees, which were collected by client from opposing party.

Mr. Z – Divorce

High dollar divorce with substantial assets.  Client wishes to keep prime real property located in major metropolitan area.  Client’s prior attorney suggests to sell prime real property to fund rest of divorce settlement.  Ms. Fowler assists with obtaining a more favorable property appraisal and negotiates settlement where settlement properly funded and client awarded 100% ownership of the prime real estate.

Ms. D – Custody Modification

Client requesting sole physical custody of school-aged children.  Opposing parent had been granted sole custody years prior due to client’s drug use prior to time of original custody order.  Client had demonstrated sobriety, consistent work history, as well as a number of other positive factors for a number of years.  Ms. Fowler took to trial and court awarded client sole physical custody of school-aged children.

Ms. G – Custody Modification

Highly contested custody modification action.  Ms. Fowler took to trial and client retains physical custody of children.  Client is awarded and collects $10,000 in attorney fees from opposing party.  On appeal, Ms. Fowler successfully defends the trial court’s decision including the $10,000 award of attorney fees paid by opposing party to client.

Ms. C – Removal Case

Parents have joint physical custody of child.  Client wishes to move out of state.  Ms. Fowler negotiated settlement where client granted permission to move out of state and other parent may follow to new state if wishes to retain joint physical custody.

Ms. B – Custody Modification

Client requesting sole custody of young child.  Opposing parent had been granted sole custody years prior due to client’s alcohol use at time of original custody order.  Client had demonstrated sobriety for a number of years as well as a number of other positive factors.  Ms. Fowler took to trial and court awarded client sole custody of young child.

Mr. H – Divorce

Client had over $65k in retirement account savings that wanted to protect in a divorce action.  Ms. Fowler was able to protect 100% of retirement account savings for client through good faith negotiated settlement.

Ms. T – International Custody Case; vacate child support arrears

Client had a warrant for an enforcement case for large child support arrears despite child residing with parent in another country.  Most exhibits were foreign documents that had to be translated for trial.  Ms. Fowler took to trial and court recalls warrant and vacates child support arrears (sets child support balance to zero).  Opposing party filed an appeal.  Currently on appeal before the Nebraska Supreme Court.

Mr. CL – Charged with DUI 2nd offense and a noisy muffler; reduced to a DUI 1st

CL had a prior offense the year before for DUI in the same county the year before, and they don’t give probation on second offenses. CL was originally offered a plea to second offense with probation, but that would have met serving 30 days in custody. He declined the offer and Mr. Kelly set the matter for trial, he did plea to a first offense and was given no jail. Total win for a charge that appeared to be less than favorable.

Mr. SV – Charged with two separate counts of first degree Sexual Assault, facing mandatory registration for life as a sex offender.

Mr. SV was convicted at the first trial on one of the Count that required him to serve 13 to 25 years in Jail. Mr. SV was a law enforcement officer at the time of the charges. The decision was appealed and the matter was overturned for a new trial. Mr. Kelly, took the matter to trial and got the “Not Guilty” plea for his client. We also had the record of the prior conviction removed and his record sealed, so he could apply again as a law enforcement officer.

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