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At the Omaha Law Firm of Fowler & Kelly Law, L.L.P., our experienced lawyers will work to protect the rights of all people throughout Nebraska and Iowa. If you are seeking full and fair compensation for injuries you’ve suffered in a car wreck, or other injuries, help with Criminal Charges or you're just looking for our extensive trial experience to help you get results you need. We know what it takes to build a solid case for Court. Armed with evidence, we can negotiate on your behalf. If negotiations do not yield the results you need, our skilled legal team is prepared to fight vigorously at trial to win the compensation that you desire and help you become completely whole again.


Mr. SV – Charged with two separate counts of first degree Sexual Assault, facing mandatory registration for life as a sex offender.


Mr. SV was convicted at the first trial on one of the Count that required him to serve 13 to 25 years in Jail. Mr. SV was a law enforcement officer at the time of the charges. The decision was appealed and the matter was overturned for a new trial. Mr. Kelly, took the matter to trial and got the “Not Guilty” plea for his client. We also had the record of the prior conviction removed and his record sealed, so he could apply again as a law enforcement officer.


Mr. RT –Charged with DUI 3rd offense (Class 4 felony) refused test; the case was dismissed


RT was arrested at his home in Omaha and spent the longest two days of his life in jail. He was charged with a third offense of DUI, a class 4 felony. While facing 0 to 5 years in prison, resisting arrest and a test refusal. After being offered to plea to a felony with probation we took the matter to trial. The jury found Mr. RT not guilty of the charges. He was able to get his license back and the matter was dismissed by the court on the Jury verdict. He was given his bond money back and released.


Mr. TW – Charged with making terroristic threats, a class 4 felony and strangulation, a class 3 felony, both involving Domestic Violence


TW is a member of the armed services and any plea would cause him to lose his right to carry a weapon and maintain his job. Mr. Kelly fought hard to mitigate the matter and get TW the help he and his partner needed so that they could work out the problems they were facing. After a short period of time, TW plead guilty to a class 3 misdemeanor of disturbance of the peace and was able to keep his right to bear arms, which he would have lost if Mr. Kelly had not worked so hard.


Mr. CL – Charged with DUI 2nd offense and a noisy muffler; reduced to a DUI 1st


CL had a prior offense the year before for DUI in the same county the year before, and they don’t give probation on second offenses. CL was originally offered a plea to second offense with probation, but that would have met serving 30 days in custody. He declined the offer and Mr. Kelly set the matter for trial, he did plea to a first offense and was given no jail. Total win for a charge that appeared to be less than favorable.


Mr. Kelly has tried four first degree murder cases and two of the four cases where dismissed and the other two the death penalty was taken off the table and lessor pleas were entered. Mr. Kelly is a trial attorney working hard for his clients.


If you faced an injury, criminal complaint or a civil suit let Brendan M. Kelly represent you in Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln, Fremont and all other areas throughout the eastern part of Nebraska and the western parts of Iowa. Other cities include Blair, Bellevue, Glenwood, Papillion, Plattsmouth, La Vista, West Point, Red Oak, Atlantic and Missouri Valley. We try more cases, because that is really the only way to protect people’s constitutional rights. We're in your corner and we will fight for you.


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